IT Services

Peace of mind is knowing your technology is expertly handled so your staff can focus on what's important to your business.

Don’t let IT management tasks draw your teams away from the important stuff.

We can expand your resources with specialists, best-in-class tools and effort-saving remote management - all while helping you control costs.

It’s the simple, efficient route to greater IT peace of mind.

Managed Services

As your user base grows or changes, the systems that you and your workforce use must evolve, often making them more costly and time-consuming to manage. Our managed services package up the skills, tools and services you need alongside transparent pricing. We act as an extension of your own team, providing expertise you only get from building and maintaining complex environments every day.

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Assessment Services

Gain a clear understanding of your environment, with a unique service that helps you make the right investments for the future.

As well as the needs of your business changing, the needs of your workforce adjust and adapt to both business requirements and demographic or social needs. This can lead to either an unproductive workforce or an increase in employees sourcing solutions to their challenges directly themselves. This ‘shadow IT’ can increase cost and complexity along with introducing security risks. Assessments will help you understand where you need to invest in new solutions to enable your workforce, and to secure and protect your company IP.

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Desktop as a Service

Your desktop is the window into your environment and is personal to each of your users. Delivered either physically or virtually as a service, DaaS allows you to focus on your business.

Your desktop estate is evolving and complex, and you need to respond to changing requirements, new users, security and compliance standards, while delivering a consistent experience to your workforce. CAE can help remove this burden, consistently presenting your users with the right desktop environment that is relevant to their role.

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CAE took the time to understand our business and the journey we wanted to go on. CAE worked in direct partnership with the force technical teams in taking ownership of issues and finding appropriate solutions.."

Dan Cooper, Northamptonshire Police

Adoption and Training

Outstanding technology and solutions only achieve their potential if your employees know how to use them. Your workforce must adopt the technologies, and be comfortable with the platforms both now and as they evolve.

Deploying the right environment is only the first stage of the journey. Your workforce need to understand how to utilise the tools and platforms they have available to them, and as the platforms evolve, it’s important that they can take advantage of new features. CAE will work with you to develop an adoption plan, ensuring your users realise the full benefits of your investment.

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Consultancy, Deployment & Configuration Services

Getting your new collaboration platforms up and running quickly enables you to realise the maximum value from your new investments.

Knowing that the deployment team are certified and experienced gives you peace of mind that you’ll get it right, first time. With CAE, you have an expert partner with leading technology alliances and the experience to advise you of the right solutions for you and your business.

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People, Approach & Outcomes

It’s our people, approach and outcomes that distinguish us from others. We strive to build long term relationships and dedicate the time to understand your requirements. Our people – our experts – combine their market knowledge with insights into your specific needs to help you adopt the most relevant technology for your business and achieve your desired outcomes.

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